What is the relationship between Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin and the parents of both sides?

After the super dream wedding in March, the powerful couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin spend their sweet days together and wait for the child member. Their happy home received the cooperation of the parents of both sides. What makes the public curious is the relationship between the groom Hyun Bin, the daughter-in-law Son Ye Jin and the parents of both sides.
Hyun Bin proudly claims to be the “Daegu groom” and the reaction of his wife’s parents.

On September 18, when he had the opportunity to visit Daegu to promote the movie Confidential Assignment 2: International, Hyun Bin received an extremely warm welcome. Daegu is the hometown of Son Ye Jin’s wife, so Hyun Bin’s appearance is even more special. The audience called the actor “Daegu groom” when the actor interacted.
As soon as he saw the new nickname, Hyun Bin smiled happily, thanked the fans, and declared, “It’s me; this is Daegu’s groom.” Hyun Bin’s lovely reaction made actor Park Hoon next to him, laugh. Surely he is very popular with the girl’s family because just hearing fans call him “Daegu groom,” Hyun Bin proudly accepted it.

Dear son-in-law Hyun Bin received the enthusiastic support of the two families in the new project. At the VIP premiere of Confidential Assignment 2: International, the fans recognized the actor’s biological father and parents-in-law, who came to support him. Although the wife was not present, the parents of both sides still had a way to cheer Hyun Bin up. The moment when the elders of the two families go to see Hyun Bin’s new movie together is the clearest proof of the love received by the Daegu groom.
The scene of hugging at the wedding of the century makes everyone emotional.

Thanks to Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the two families have become one, and the embrace of the century wedding shows that. When the newlyweds received blessings and advice from their parents, Hyun Bin approached and hugged his father-in-law tightly. At this moment, Hyun Bin promised always to love and cherish Son Ye Jin. Son Ye Jin’s daughter-in-law also caused emotion when she gently hugged her mother-in-law, creating the warmest moment of the wedding.
During the wedding, Hyun Bin also shared his gratitude to his wife’s parents – who had the merit of raising and giving birth to his wife. When the father-in-law took Son Ye Jin’s hand to give it to Hyun Bin, the cult actor touched his heart with a promise: “I will cherish her more than you can imagine. I respect my wife’s first man. son, dear father.” Surely Hyun Bin has earned the trust and love of his wife’s family thanks to his sincere actions and promises from the bottom of his heart.
Son Ye Jin’s relationship with her mother-in-law
His wife’s family loves Hyun Bin, and Son Ye Jin is also loved by his mother-in-law. In rare small details, Son Ye Jin’s good mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship can be seen.
Sharp-eyed fans noticed that Son Ye Jin posted a picture of a cake with a birthday greeting written for her mother. A few days earlier was also Hyun Bin’s mother’s birthday, so anyone could guess the powerful couple held a party to celebrate this special day. It is known that Son Ye Jin herself chose a luxurious and expensive restaurant with a beautiful space to celebrate her mother-in-law’s birthday.

It is known that Hyun Bin’s mother is very pleased with her brave, beautiful, and skillful daughter-in-law. She often cooks dishes that her daughter-in-law likes and treats Bin Jin to traditional dishes when the couple visits home for the weekend.

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