These 10+ Ways Hyun Bin’s And Son Ye Jin’s Relationship Evolved From Pre-Wedding To Now Make Our Hearts Soft

Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin married each other in front of family and friends in a private wedding on March 31. They have known each other for several years, starting from co-workers in 2018 and becoming husband and wife in 2022.

Check out other ways their relationship evolved below.

1. From saying a formal nickname to a term of endearment

2. From listening to a Crash Landing On You OST to using it in their wedding

3. From donning formal wear for work to formal wear for their wedding

4. From walking on stage to walking on the aisle

5. From being an on-screen pair to a real life pair

6. From bending down at work to bending down at the altar

7. From looking at his co-worker to looking at his wife

8. From holding a gun in The Negotiation to holding a wedding ring

9. From being her dad’s lookalike to being her husband

10. From being enamored years ago to being married now

11. From looking at his co-star sweetly to looking at his wife


12. From being new friends in 2018 to being together forever starting 2022


13. From confessing in an interview to confessing their vows

14. And from keeping their distance to holding each other tight


Congratulations to Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin! Check out the best reactions to their marriage below.

Source: Koreaboo

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