The rare time Son Ye Jin and Goo Hye Sun share the same frame: Contrasting in both style and personal life

Although they all possess sweet beauty, Goo Hye Sun seems to have a style and private life that are in contrast to senior Son Ye Jin.

Not long ago, an old picture taken in 2009 with the appearance of two famous beauties Goo Hye Sun and Son Ye Jin was suddenly re-posted. It is known that the photo was born when these two stars together attended the Asiana International Short Film Festival event.

According to the photo, Goo Hye Sun is dressed in black, with her hair tied behind, looking very personal and stylish. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin has the opposite style. She used a feminine pink dress and let her hair loose. If comparing the height, Son Ye Jin is slightly better than Goo Hye Sun, but their stature is about the same.

Goo Hye Sun was born in 1984 and is best known by the audience for her role as Grass in the movie Meteor Garden. After becoming famous, she also entered other fields such as singing, painting, writing books, directing… and achieved certain successes.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin is 2 years older than Goo Hye Sun. Hyun Bin’s wife left a mark in the audience’s hearts with projects such as Summer Perfume, April Snow, Beautiful Sister Buys Delicious Rice for Me, Landing In You.

In fact, Goo Hye Sun and Son Ye Jin have not had the opportunity to work together, but they were both co-stars of handsome Lee Min Ho. Goo Hye Sun co-starred with Min Ho in Meteor Garden and Son Ye Jin collaborated with this actor in the movie Idiot and the Hand.

As for her private life, Goo Hye Sun experienced a failed marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun. Currently, she has returned to single status and has not announced her new relationship. In contrast, Son Ye Jin has a happy marriage with actor Hyun Bin and is preparing to welcome her first son.

Source: Saostar

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