The movie that made Son Ye Jin warned “Be prepared” by her seniors when she was cast

When Son Ye Jin was cast in this movie, her seniors told her to “be prepared”. Here’s why.

As Son Ye Jin was rising as a top star in the entertainment industry through the 2001 drama “Delicious Proposal”, she received a casting offer for director Im Kwon Taek’s movie “Painted Fire” at the end of 2001. Her character she was given was So Woon, the first love of painter Jang Seung Up (Choi Min Sik).

Director Im Kwon Taek showed interest in Son Ye Jin, saying that she has a mysterious and beautiful image like So Woon in the drama.

When Son Ye Jin informed people around her that she had been cast in a movie directed by Im Kwon Taek, instead of saying “congratulations”, her seniors gave her a warning, “Be prepared”.

There was an anecdote that director Im Kwon Taek scolded new actors on set so hard to the point they would shed tears, and that he insisted on filming dozens of times until the scene became perfect.

However, Son Ye Jin said that for that reason, she was looking forward to working with him.

There was no guarantee that she would be able to do a movie like this again in the future. She said, “I will learn a lot.”

She confirmed her appearance in “Painted Fire”, and although it was a short appearance, she left a strong impression and received more offers from the film industry after the film was released.

“Veteran” Yoo Ah In’s special reason for driving a Ford Mustang

The director recalled Steve McQueen driving a Ford Mustang in the movie “Bullitt”, so he set Jo Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In) to drive a Ford Mustang in “Veteran”.

However, it was pointed out that the Ford Mustang setting is a bit unreasonable because the cars that the chaebols usually drive are luxury sedans and sports cars that are far from Mustangs.

When looking into who the actual owners of Mustangs, most of them ride it because of their taste, and Jo Tae Oh also set it as riding this car because of his taste.

“Train to Busan” Ma Dong Seok calmed the director’s concerns at once

The scene where Sang Hwa, played by Ma Dong Seok, struggles to stop the zombies was actually a scene that martial arts director Heo Myeong Haeng and Ma Dong Seok created together. The two of them came up with various ideas and created each scene one by one. When the scene where Ma Dong Seok rushes with zombies came up, director Yeon Sang Ho asked, “Should I use a wire?”

Martial arts director Heo Myeong Haeng then smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Dong Seok will do it all at once”

The director said, “I was really surprised to see Ma Dong Seok carrying a person and charging at once. Anyway, the wonderful action that the two created made this movie shine.”

Source: kbizoom

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