Son Ye Jin’s way as a wife and mother after tying the knot with Hyun Bin

People are counting down the days until Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding.

In the past 3 days, the whole Korean showbiz has been extremely excited with the news that Son Ye Jin officially “landed on” Hyun Bin. The beautiful couple who took on-screen love to real life is currently the focus of fans’ attention, everyone is looking forward to their legendary wedding to be held in March.

Along with the happy news, most recently, Son Ye Jin‘s interview from 2018 when she was single suddenly became hot again. It is known that when promoting the movie Be With You , the beauty born in 1982 shared her views on being a wife and mother after marriage. These shares of the bride Son Ye Jin make people even more sure that the married life of the couple from Crash Landing on You will be very fulfilling and happy.

Son Ye Jin’s shared views on being a wife and mother since 2018 is suddenly hot again

Specifically, in 2018, Son Ye Jin shared, “I’m still not ready to become someone’s wife or mother. If I get married later, I will raise children and help my husband well. I think that being a mother is precious and that a mother’s role is also very important.” 

The honest confession above is enough to see that Son Ye Jin highly appreciates the role of mother and wife in the family. Perhaps this is the reason why the actress didn’t decide to get married until she’s 40. Hyun Bin is Son Ye Jin‘s first and last love.

The “nation’s first love”’s view of marriage is wholeheartedly supported by the people

Although they only started dating in 2020 and made it public in 2021, in fact the couple has appeared on the screen together since 2010 when the actress made a cameo for Hyun Bin‘s drama Secret Garden. The couple has even given each other a loving glance since 2014, and by 2020 has made audiences feverish with the sweet chemistry in Crash Landing on You.

Only 1 month to go until Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s wedding

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