Son Ye Jin’s school photo ’causes a fever’

The image of Son Ye Jin in high school surprised netizens because she was so beautiful. Many comments affirm that the actress possesses an unchanging beauty over the years.

On the Korean public forum Pann, a netizen suddenly shared a picture of Son Ye Jin in a high school yearbook. This person said that the 8X star used to be in the same class as her aunt and accidentally discovered her photo in the yearbook. The owner of the article could not hide his surprise at the beauty of Son Ye Jin at that time. “She is extremely beautiful. This is a prime example of natural beauty. Only now did I realize she was from Daegu,” this netizen wrote.


Immediately, the image of Son Ye Jin when he was still in school was widely spread. Below the post is also a series of compliments on the beauty of the movie star Landing where he transcends time. Many people applauded: “So many years have passed, but Son Ye Jin still hasn’t changed”, “I don’t know how it feels to live with such a beautiful face”, “She is so gorgeous. Hope Son Ye Jin will be happy for a long time with Hyun Bin.”

The series of photos show that Son Ye Jin’s beauty has remained unchanged over the years

In Korea, Son Ye Jin has always been ranked in the top beauties for many years in a row. The work “Crash Landing on You” once caused a fever, some of her moments in her twenties caused a stir in Korean and Asian online communities.
Son Ye Jin is also a model for many people who want to have plastic surgery to become more beautiful. Besides, the female artist’s slim figure also made the audience admire. Whether on screen or in real life, Son Ye Jin is always easy to shine with her flawless appearance.

Son Ye Jin is becoming more and more beautiful and successful at the age of 41

Not only beautiful, Son Ye Jin is also a talented actress. She is famous for dramas such as Secret Tears, The Classic, Crazy First Love, April Snow, The Pirates, Be with You … Son Ye Jin is also a rare beauty to achieve the “Three Great Image Queen” achievement of Korea. Quoc (won the photo after three major Korean awards, Baeksang Art Awards, Blue Dragon Awards, Grand Bell Awards).

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