Son Ye Jin’s Reaction When Hyun Bin Left Again For Japan Leaving His Wife and Son Behind

Some netizens believe that actor Hyun Bin is an irresponsible man.

Today (April 10), Hyun Bin was at the airport to go to Japan to attend the event. As observed, he wore a white T-shirt with jeans and an outerwear. Besides, Son Ye Jin’s husband also carries a rather large bag.

Hyun Bin went to Japan to attend the event.
It can be seen that after cutting his hair and shaving, Hyun Bin returned with a handsome and neat image. Many people praised the bright appearance of the actor “Crash Landing on you”. Some criticized Hyun Bin’s irresponsibility. They think that he is a workaholic, willing to leave Son Ye Jin and his son at home.

Previously, to serve the filming of “Harbin”, Hyun Bin had to move abroad many times. It wasn’t long before he returned home and left, making these netizens feel uncomfortable.

hyun bin, son ye jin, sao hàn

hyun bin, son ye jin, sao hàn
The actor “Crash Landing on You” was criticized for not long after returning home, leaving his wife and children abroad to work.

Fans defended their idols again. They think that Hyun Bin is just making money for baby diapers. While Son Ye Jin stayed at home to take care of her son, Hyun Bin went to work. He still takes advantage of his free time to make up for his wife and young son.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at the end of March. On a special occasion, Son Ye Jin posted a photo of holding her husband’s hand without leaving her personal page. Through this, she shows everyone that the relationship between the two is extremely good.

Hyun Bin and his wife celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at the end of March.

Source: Newssics

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