Son Ye Jin’s husband is more seductive; Hyun Bin beats Lee Min Ho in this list of the top 10 most attractive Asian men.

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho lost in ranking as an Asian man who attracted the KingChoice version of netizens.

The Korean drama fever has simultaneously made the popularity of Korean actors like Lee Min Ho worldwide.
This one actor even had time to be a dream and maybe the ideal type for many women.
However, Lee Min Ho’s charm was recently lost to Son Ye Jin’s husband, Hyun Bin, in a poll by KingChoice.
This website makes a poll for the category of 50 Most Attractive Asian Men chosen by fans.

Unfortunately, in the poll results, Lee Min Ho is outside the top 10 rankings.
Reporting from the Koreaboo article, released on September 3, 2022, the actor who played Kim Tan in the drama The Heirs only managed to occupy position 15.
Unlike Lee Min Ho, who was in his twenties, Son Ye Jin’s husband, Hyun Bin, managed to break into the top 10 rankings of netizens’ choices.
Hyun Bin’s charm that doesn’t seem to fade even though he will become a father ranks him seventh.
Meanwhile, the top position for the category of Asian Male Attracting Netizens’ choice of KingChoice version was topped by EXO member Park Chanyeol.
Here’s a list of the top 10 attractive Asian men chosen by the KingChoice version of netizens.
10. V BTS
9. Sehun EXO
8. Kim Hyun Joong
7. Hyun Bin
6. Cha Eunwoo
5. Jimin BTS
4. Wang Yi Bo
3. Xiao Zhan
2. Jungkook BTS
1. EXO Chanyeol

Source: Toplistkdrama


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