Son Ye Jin’s father made emotional message to Hyun Bin, “Welcome to the family, son.”

From now on, Hyun Bin will be the man who always loves and takes care of Son Ye Jin for her father.

The hottest event right now is none other than the super wedding of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. After 2 years of dating, the couple put on the most splendid costumes and walked down the aisle together to tie the knot. The moment the actress’s father took her hand and gave it to her husband Hyun Bin, “pretty noona” Son Ye Jin was so moved that she burst into tears.

However, more moving than the golden couple’s lifelong vows was the message from Son Ye Jin’s father to his son-in-law Hyun Bin and the actor’s response. Before handing over his daughter to the golden man of K-showbiz, he said, sobbing: “Today is the day I witness my daughter marry the love of her life. Finally, I no longer have to be worried about who will take care of her when I can’t. She has found you. Welcome to our family, son.”

And Hyun Bin also replied to his father-in-law, “Thank you for everything, for loving and caring for such a beautiful woman in this world. Today, I held her hand and it was my turn to do all of that. I will cherish her more than you can imagine. I have so much respect for my wife’s first man, you, Dad.”

For a long time, netizens have discovered the surprising coincidence between Hyun Bin and his father-in-law. The two have surprisingly similar faces. Son Ye Jin once admitted that she was influenced by her father a lot, so it is understandable that the actress was attracted to Hyun Bin. Not only that, Son Ye Jin’s father also loves his son-in-law very much, because both he and Hyun Bin served in the Marines during their enlistment.

For the first half of her life, Son Ye Jin was loved by her father and now, Hyun Bin will continue to take care of and cherish her for him. The conversation between the two most important men in Son Ye Jin’s life has caused netizens to sob and can’t stop sharing.

Son Ye Jin’s father held his daughter’s hand…

… and gave it to his son-in-law – who will take care of her in his place

Hyun Bin and his father-in-law have many similarities in appearance, as well as their expe

Source: Kbizoom

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