Son Ye Jin’s classic films and dramas for the last 20 years always feature romantic scenes in the rain!

If you have watched most films and dramas with Son Ye Jin as the female lead, it’s probably not difficult to notice an interesting coincidence.

Whether it’s accidental or intentional, most of the classic productions in the career of the nation’s first love Son Ye Jin include heartfelt scenes between the male and female lead in the rain.

1. The Classic

‘The Classic’ is one of the first and most legendary films in Son Ye Jin‘s career. Whenever ‘The Classic’ is mentioned, the iconic rain scenes immediately come to the viewers’ mind. The rain serves as a perfect background to highlight Son Ye Jin’s character and the male lead’s touching emotions of their first love.

2. Personal Taste

In 2010, the actress starred alongside Lee Min Ho in the drama “Personal Taste”. In the series, the two have a few times when they accidentally bump into each other in the rain, and she once again has a handsome male lead hold an umbrella for her.

3. Something In The Rain

Based on the name, it’s already clear that Son Ye Jin’s romance in this drama is mostly set during rainy days. In Something in the Rain, she has countless romantic scenes in the rain with her younger co-star Jung Hae In.

4. Be With You

This continues to be an emotional movie related to the rain when the storyline revolves around the return of a late mother and wife during the rain season. In the film, rain is associated with her love story and is also an important factor that makes the character’s life truly complete.

5. Crash Landing On You

After experiencing many accidental rains, Son Ye Jin finally found the “rain of her life” – Hyun Bin. In Crash Landing On You, the couple has two extremely romantic rain scenes, one is a kiss in the rain at the hospital, the other is a sweet dating scene.

Source: kbizoom


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