Son Ye Jin was “questioned” by the online community for using her husband, Hyun Bin responded harshly

Hyun Bin’s sneaky photos at the backstage of the movie have received great attention.

In the behind-the-scenes photos of the new movie, Hyun Bin was mocked, and some even joked that Son Ye Jin “used up” the treasure of Korean beauty. The newly-spread image of Hyun Bin implicitly confirms that he has not deteriorated as much as rumored. Even her husband Son Ye Jin also scored points for his respect for his career when he revealed signs of weight pressure to serve the role.

Hyun Bin’s new poster in The Point Men.

After the Transnational Agent – Part 2 of the movie “Unwilling Partner”, Hyun Bin has just launched a large production movie project – The Point Men. The film is holding the Korean box office throne for many consecutive days with stable ticket sales. At the same time, Hyun Bin also joined the new film crew – Harbin, playing with the beauty Vincenzo – Jeon Yeo Bin.

From the moment the film announced the cast to the time it was released and promoted, Hyun Bin caused a fever many times with his strange appearance, long beard, and much more stylish look than before. Accordingly, many viewers shook their heads when they did not recognize Hyun Bin and even joked that the Korean male beauty today can no longer keep his form. Even, Son Ye Jin was also “called” by her name on topics about her husband’s beauty.

Hyun Bin’s sneaky photo has just been spread.

Recently, netizens passed a behind-the-scenes photo of Hyun Bin’s new movie. Accordingly, the actor made netizens feel sad with his much thinner appearance than before. Below the post, someone explained that Hyun Bin is losing weight for his new role. And the actor’s current stylish appearance is to help him easily transform into the character he takes on.

On film discussion forums, the audience praised Hyun Bin’s career, and affirmed that his beauty is still very attractive. At the same time, someone joked that Hyun Bin’s respect for his career seemed to want to vindicate his wife, when in the past, Ye Jin was “interrogated” because of the change in her husband’s beauty. The audience has high expectations for Hyun Bin’s new projects as well as Son Ye Jin’s return to the screen after giving birth.

The audience is waiting for Son Ye Jin’s comeback after taking care of her family.

Source: Saostar