Son Ye Jin was called ‘spending her husband’ after Hyun Bin revealed a series of bearded photos

Son Ye Jin is the character who is called the most after Hyun Bin’s bearded images were released.

Information about the couple Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin has always attracted the attention of the audience since the couple officially returned to the same house after the fairy wedding took place in March 2022.

Recently, the management company VAST Entertainment has “teased” a set of behind-the-scenes photos taken in an advertisement that Hyun Bin has just taken. In particular, the appearance of the Korean actor is shocking because he is too loose after becoming a family man. Fans can’t help but talk about Hyun Bin’s beard combined with long hair. Overall, this image is not similar to the style that Hyun Bin has pursued so far.

Some viewers think that Ye Jin’s safety and family happiness are the most important, so the actor now doesn’t pay too much attention to his appearance. Even if it is a male god who loves to get married, he will be like many other husbands, but after the photo was spread on social networks, many people expressed their interest. Others joked that Son Ye Jin had “used too much” who was called “Korea’s public property”, making the current Hyun Bin look “tattered” than before, they almost didn’t recognize the god. his statue.

Source: Star

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