Son Ye Jin surprises everyone with her postpartum figure in unedited behind-the-scenes photos.

After more than 5 months since giving birth, Son Ye Jin has officially returned to work. Currently, the actress wants to spend more time with her son, so she has only taken on photo shoot projects that do not require too much time. According to reports, there have been many movie projects that have approached Son Ye Jin, but her top priority is still spending time with her son.

Recently, unedited behind-the-scenes photos of Son Ye Jin during a photo shoot for a commercial were shared by the director and caught the attention of many. In the series of photos, the “mom-of-a-newborn” surprised many people with her slim figure even though it has only been more than 5 months since giving birth.

It is known that to ensure her health while caring for her child, Son Ye Jin did not lose too much weight, but she followed a scientific diet and exercise regimen. In addition, during her pregnancy, she did not gain too much weight.

After giving birth, Son Ye Jin did not forget to update her personal page to share photos of her daily life, such as family meals. Her management company also stated that “Son Ye Jin always takes good care of herself, and she is even more concerned about her health after giving birth.”
Therefore, the products that Son Ye Jin is interested in after giving birth are related to health issues.

Source: Star


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