Son Ye Jin showed off her full body photo for the first time after giving birth: What is her ‘baby mother’ figure that makes netizens admire?

Many people think that the saying “one girl looks worn out” is completely suitable for Son Ye Jin.

At the end of November last year, Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first son after many months of waiting. Since the birth of her son, the actress chose to temporarily retire to take care of the child while cultivating a small home with Hyun Bin.

Recently on her personal page, Son Ye Jin suddenly shared a full body image after giving birth to a child. This is the first time the actress confidently revealed herself after a long time focusing on her “mom” life.

The latest picture of Son Ye Jin next to the dog

In addition, the actress couldn’t hide from her excitement when gradually returning to her previous work routine: “Hello, it’s been quite a while, how are you? It’s been a while since I took a scene. shooting fun and fun commercials. Wish you all enjoy spring and have a healthy day!”.

Throughout Son Ye Jin’s latest photos, it is easy to see that she dresses quite simply with items such as a jumpsuit, white shirt and jeans. Besides, his wife Hyun Bin also skillfully applied gentle makeup to enhance her beautiful and loving appearance. However, what caught people’s attention was Son Ye Jin’s smooth, slim figure after about half a year of giving birth.

Many viewers think that the saying “one-child girl looks worn out” is completely suitable for Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is said to have almost not changed after giving birth

Under the comment section of Son Ye Jin’s post, netizens are all whispering and constantly praising the actress’s beautiful and charming appearance: “After giving birth, her body returned to the same.” , “Did she really give birth? Ye Jin unnie is the prettiest, I want to see you on screen soon”, “I wish there were more pictures of Hyun Bin with the baby”….

A rare picture of her son was personally posted by Son Ye Jin on social networks. Besides, the actress and her husband always try their best to protect the appearance of the first son from the curiosity of the public.

Source: Star


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