Son Ye Jin Says She Never Watches Herself On TV Because She Feels ‘Embarrassed And Awkward’

Son Ye Jin is a name that needs no introduction—for two decades, she has proven herself as a notable actress with a long list of K-dramas and Korean movies. While millions of viewers watch her on the small and big screen, Ye Jin shares that she’s the complete opposite!

During Smart Hallyu Hangout’s first virtual show, the queen of melodrama shared bits about being a celebrity as well as her personal life. Fun facts about her: Ye Jin’s fave color is light Indian pink, her hobbies include exercising (she’s been practicing Pilates for 10 years!) and walking her dog, and she loves indulging in hair treatments. Another trivia you’ll love (from Ye Jin’s hairstylist): She did her own hair for some scenes in Crash Landing On You!

Son Ye Jin shares her thoughts on playing K-drama roles

When it comes to her celebrity life, Ye Jin revealed that she never watches herself on TV because she feels “embarrassed and awkward.” She also believes that her ability to portray diverse roles is because of her deep sense of empathy in the character she plays.

Son Ye Jin shares her thoughts on playing K-drama roles

Speaking of acting, Ye Jin recalled her remarkable Smart commercial during the event: “There were very long hours during the Smart shoot and we were on location. It took all morning and all night to shoot. And we were also remotely shooting with the Philippine team. It was kind of a strange situation but also very fascinating to be virtually communicating with the team in the Philippines. But I was very honored to have shot this commercial for Smart and I’m very happy to be working with the brand right now.”

Son Ye Jin shares her thoughts on playing K-drama roles

One of the highlights in the Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Ye Jin was when she shared her unforgettable visit to the Philippines. “I’ve been to the Philippines a very long time ago, and the most memorable thing about that trip was the friendly faces of the Filipinos. I could see that everyone was very happy and friendly, and there was an innocence about them. The next time I go again, I would really love to go to Boracay,” she said. It’s also worth noting that Ye Jin finds our country beautiful and she actually wants to live here!

Son Ye Jin thường xuyên tắm nửa người để giữ cơ thể săn chắc, làn da mịn

Ye Jin has a strong following across the world and she’s *very* thankful for the overwhelming love she receives despite the language and cultural differences. “I am thankful, moved, and motivated because when I hear how I’ve helped you get through difficult times, it makes me want to work on the next project,” she added.

Ye Jin also expressed her gratitude to her PH fans and mentioned how excited she is to *see* us soon: “I hear through the messages and gifts that Filipinos send me that they’re very thankful for helping them get through this difficult time. But I haven’t done anything; all I did was my job. I’m so moved that people from far away, across oceans, feel this way about what I’ve done. It almost feels a little odd sometimes but overall, I’m just very thankful and I look forward to meeting you all in the Philippines.”

Son Ye Jin hậu kết hôn, mang thai: ăn uống khoa học, xinh đẹp dù tăng cân
We hope to *meet* you when everything is better, queen!

Source: Newssics

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