Son Ye Jin makes netizens admire her amazing beauty after giving birth

Officially returning after giving birth, Son Ye Jin has been very active.

Recently, after officially re-appearing to become a mother, Son Ye Jin regularly posts more about her activities. From announcing the re-export through the company’s statement to posting on the personal page. This action of Son Ye Jin makes the actress’s fans very happy. Because fans have not seen the idol appear for a long time.

Son Ye Jin khiến netizen trầm trồ trước nhan sắc chuẩn gái 1 con trông mòn con mắt - Ảnh 2.

Recently, the brand that Son Ye Jin has just accepted as a representative has “teased” a short clip recording behind the scenes of the actress’s advertising shoot.

In this clip, Son Ye Jin makes an impression when appearing with a gentle and loving image. Long smooth hair makes Son Ye Jin’s appearance more beautiful and impressive. Although she just gave birth to a baby 5 months ago, now Son Ye Jin’s body has returned to the state it was in when she was young. This makes the public both admire and a little jealous of Hyun Bin’s wife.

Source: Star


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