Son Ye Jin looking gorgeous in first photoshoot since marrying Hyun Bin, showered in praise

Son Ye Jin never looked less than stellar ever since the beginning of her career.

Recently, the famous fashion brand “BAU – Bride and You”, which Son Ye Jin represented, posted a short behind-the-scenes video of their photoshoot with the famous actress. This is Son Ye Jin’s first public appearance since her wedding and honeymoon with fellow actor Hyun Bin.

Expectedly, Son Ye Jin’s spectacular visuals in the new photoshoot quickly drew attention from the public and fans alike. After marriage, Son Ye Jin looked even more chic, gentle, and eye-catching.

The actress is a model for the fashion brand “BAU – Bride and You”.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin officially tied the knot with their wedding of the century hosted on March 31st. The wedding was held privately with friends, family, and close colleagues in the Korean acting industry, and was the talk of town for months afterwards. 11 days after marriage, the couple left for their 2-week honeymoon in the US, and was warmly welcomed back by fans and the media.

Son Ye Jin looked even more stunning and classy after her marriage with Hyun Bin.
Source: Kbizoom


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