Son Ye Jin is married to Hyun Bin, but there is still a famous male star who reveals that he is ‘in secret love and memory’

Son Ye Jin has never stopped being hot for fans.

Son Ye Jin has always been a name that has received a lot of attention from the audience, although she is no longer as active as before due to having to take care of her small family, but the information related to her is a lot. audience talks.

Most recently in the movie All That We Loved, the character played by Sehun suddenly mentioned his girlfriend with winged words. In particular, he also compared his girlfriend to Son Ye Jin, making people excited after watching the movie.

Son Ye Jin was suddenly mentioned in the movie.

All That We Loved is a drama revolving around the friendship and love story of 18-year-old teenagers. Two best friends Go Yoo (Sehun) and Go Joon Hee (Jo Joon Young) both fall in love with a new transfer student. – Han So Yeon (Jang Yeo Bin).

When Joon Hee became seriously ill, Go Yoo decided to donate one kidney to his best friend. From here, the film delves into the topic of cellular memory, hypothesized that memories are transferred between transplant recipients.

Talking about Son Ye Jin, the management company MS Team previously said that the actress is considering in both film and television for her comeback after giving birth. “Son Ye Jin is currently reviewing her next work, there’s no limit whether it’s a drama or a movie.”

Source: Star

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