Son Ye Jin and ‘stupid aunt’ Song Ji Hyo had an inconclusive battle in the past

Son Ye Jin once caused a fever in her beauty when she joined her senior Song Ji Hyo on the show Running Man.

In addition to acting activities, Son Ye Jin is also known for occasionally appearing on TV shows. In episode 70 of the popular reality show “Running Man”, she became a special guest. Here Ye Jin participated in the dramatic nameplate tearing of the main members.

The actress Landing Where he impressed the audience when revealing a beautiful, sweet beauty like an angel. Son Ye Jin’s smooth, shiny skin makes everyone fall in love. As for Song Ji Hyo, she was praised as a beauty with a small face and harmonious lines. In the same frame, Son Ye Jin does not seem to be inferior in appearance compared to Ji Hyo. Both stars make people flutter because of their perfect, natural beauty without much painting.

Up to now, Son Ye Jin has both a career and a happy family in her hands. She got into a flower car with Hyun Bin in March last year. In November of the same year, Ye Jin and her husband welcomed their first son.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo is less fortunate than Son Ye Jin on the emotional path. After breaking up with her boyfriend CEO Baek Chang Joo in 2015, Ji Hyo has kept her single status until now.

Source: Saostar