Son Ye Jin and close friends held a party to celebrate her first pregnancy

Son Ye Jin and friends had a cozy party to congratulate her on becoming a mother.

Recently, actress Song Yoona revealed photos taken at a party with her close friends. This is the gift they gave Son Ye Jin to congratulate the actress on her first pregnancy. The party was held right at the penthouse where the couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are living.

Song Yoona shares photos at the party to congratulate Son Ye Jin on becoming a mother

The party was held at the penthouse of the “Crash Landing On You” couple

On June 27, Son Ye Jin personally announced the good news that she was pregnant. On SNS, the actress shared, “A new life has come to us. I’m so grateful but also cautious and haven’t told people until now. We will protect the precious life that came to us. I hope you stay healthy. Please be happy.

Hyun Bin and his wife received many congratulations from colleagues, friends, and fans.

Source: Kbizoom


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