Son Ye Jin and BLACKPINK Jisoo accidentally wear the same item: who is prettier?

Wearing the same item, but Jisoo and Son Ye Jin have completely different vibes.

Every time celebrities accidentally wear the same item, netizens have the opportunity to argue fiercely about who is prettier. And for the stars, their outfit and charisma is what helps them score points on these occasions.  For example, recently, Jisoo and Son Ye Jin wore similar items, but the two beauties have completely different ways of dressing.


Recently, the drama “Thirty, Nine” has just dropped the first poster.  This is also the next drama in which Son Ye Jin plays the main role.  In this image, the actresses are all dressed up in feminine outfits with sweet pastel colors.

As for Son Ye Jin, she wears a crop top from the Alexander Wang fashion house. But instead of mixing it with jeans like the brand model, Son Ye Jin wore this item with a long skirt.

Many fans immediately recognized that Jisoo used to wear the same shirt a long time ago.  At that time, Jisoo mixed it with jeans to create a youthful and cool vibe.

Along with that, the member of BLACKPINK had a curly hairstyle and quite bold makeup with red lipstick, attractive eyeshadow.

Wearing the same item, it can be seen that Son Ye Jin and Jisoo have a completely different way of dressing up.  Although they have a 13-year age gap, in terms of beauty, Son Ye Jin is not inferior to Jisoo.  The hairstyle and heavy makeup along with the velvet shirt with dark tones also make Jisoo look significantly older.

In addition to Jisoo, this design was also chosen by Na Eun.  She also mixed it with jeans. She cleverly mixed a striking red crossbody bag to create a highlight for the set.

 Source: Afamily

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