Son Ye Jin and a series of female Kbiz stars have an innocent face and a fiery body

With a pretty and lovely face, few would expect that the Kbiz series of beauties have an extremely hot and sexy body that makes women desire.

Son Ye Jin

Dubbed the “national first love” of Korea, Son Ye Jin is famous for her pure and pure beauty. In particular, the sparkling eyes make his wife Hyun Bin look innocent and young even though she is over 40 years old.

Son Ye Jin được mệnh danh “tình đầu quốc dân” với nhan sắc trong sáng, thuần khiết. Nhưng ở nhiều thước phim, Son Ye Jin không ngại phô diễn hình thể gợi cảm. Ảnh: Younhap

Son Ye Jin is known as the “nation’s first love” with pure and pure beauty. But in many movies, Son Ye Jin is not afraid to show off her sexy body.

However, unlike the innocent beauty, Son Ye Jin has a super sexy figure. Not as skinny as many other Kbiz beauties, the beauty has a soft, plump body, plus a sexy white skin, full of life.

Shin Min Ah

The actress My girlfriend is a fox impresses with her pure face and smile that melts the audience’s heart.

Shin Min Ah mang vẻ đẹp khỏe khoắn, quyến rũ Ảnh: Instagram Shin Min Ah

Not only that, she also has long legs and a strong, hot S-shaped body. Because of that, Shin Min Ah often receives invitations to be a representative model, wearing clothes of world famous fashion houses.

Park Min Young

There are rumors that Park Min Young has to go through many cutlery times to get the beauty she is now. However, her chubby face and innocent eyes make her beauty indisputable.

Park Min Young. Ảnh: Instagram Park Min Young

Besides, Park Min Young is also famous for her desirable body. Experiencing moderate eating and training, the actress’s body stands out with 3 clear rings, especially the 1st round fullness that makes the beauty more fiery and seductive.

Kim Yoo Jung

At the age of 24, Kim Yoo Jung appeared in many different roles, most of which were the image of a young girl with pure and pure beauty.


With a height of 1m64, the beauty did not choose to force her weight into a “slender” body, but pursued a healthy and dynamic image. The large bust and toned waist make Kim Yoo Jung always the center of attention when appearing at events.

Han So Hee

Han So Hee scored in the audience’s eyes with her pure beauty, a bit cold but no less feminine. She can transform herself with many different shapes, and at the same time attracts attention with her beautiful body.

Thân hình nóng bỏng của Han So Hee. Ảnh: Instagram Han So Hee, Allure

Possessing long straight legs, Han So Hee also dominates with her slim body, clearly showing her collarbone, making the beauty exude an irresistible charm.

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