Sharing the same frame with the “age hack” Jang Nara, will Son Ye Jin be tragically drowned?

An old photo between actress Son Ye Jin and senior Jang Nara at an award ceremony received special attention from the online community.

Recently, a photo taken between Son Ye Jin and actress Jang Nara recorded in 2003 has been posted again. As can be seen in these old pictures, Hyun Bin’s wife was wearing a white dress, with her hair tied behind.

Meanwhile, Jang Nara wears a contrasting black dress. She pulled her hair up to reveal her cute baby face. Talking about beauty, both Son Ye Jin and Jang Nara have natural beauty that makes viewers fall in love.

However, in terms of youth, Jang Nara is slightly better than junior Son Ye Jin. Perhaps thanks to her inherent innocence, she easily surpassed many other female stars in the same frame.

Son Ye Jin was born in 1982 and is known to the audience through many famous films such as Summer Perfume, April Snow, Beautiful Sister who bought me delicious rice, Life and death negotiations, Landing on you. She boarded a flower car with Hyun Bin in March of last year. They have been married for more than a year so far. The result of this beautiful love is a lovely son. Currently, Son Ye Jin is temporarily suspending activities in the art world to focus on doing well the duties of a mother and a wife. She also regularly interacts on social networks with her friends and fans.

As for Jang Nara, she was born in 1981 and is famous for works such as Clown Love Story, Stubborn Princess, Childish Beauty, I Love You Destiny, The Last Empress, Exorcist Real Estate. Jang Nara married her boyfriend outside the industry in June 2022. Currently, she is focusing on film projects and has not planned to have a baby.

Source: Star

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