Revealing the ‘small tam’ that has been cherished by Hyun Bin for a long time, will it take Son Ye Jin’s position?

Hyun Bin revealed that he still keeps this item even after many years.

Not long ago, a video titled “The military life that Hyun Bin chose? Ri Jeong Hyeok or Im Cheol Ryung” was posted on the YouTube channel of the leading fashion magazine ESQUIRE Korea.


It is known that Hyun Bin is the cover face of ESQUIRE year-end issue. In the personal interview, the actor answered many different questions and shared about his current life with many changes. He chose “2002” by Anne Marie as “the most heard song these days”. When asked about his “new hobby”, he did not hesitate to answer: “I can’t think of anything. I don’t have any new hobbies. These days I am learning to ride a horse for my next project.”

Regarding “favorite travel destination”, Hyun Bin immediately replied, “Of course Italy. Each city has different vibes. As for Venice, Florence and Milan, each city has its own charms, so I have a very fond memory of Italy. I also like Jeju Island too. There is something unique that you can only experience in Jeju. That’s why I personally like this place.”

When the famous line in the Secret Garden appeared, Hyun Bin suddenly revealed the current state of sportswear made by “everything of the Italian craftsman”. He did not hesitate to confirm, “Yes, I still have all 4 versions of the tracksuit worn in the movie at my house. I’m keeping them here.” When asked if he ever took it out and wore it, Hyun Bin replied, “No, I’ve already worn too much. I just want to keep it in my wardrobe because this drama means a lot to me. There are also a lot of people who love it. That’s why I treasure it and keep it until now.”

It can be seen that the 4 sports suits appearing in the movie Secret Garden are still respected and carefully preserved by the actor Landing Where You. This also proves the guy’s special love for the role in this 2010 drama.

Source: Saostar

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