Revealing a beautiful woman with the same bloodline as Son Ye Jin, her beauty is surprising

The rare image of Son Ye Jin with her sister quickly received public attention.

Before marrying Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, besides her glorious acting career, was very secretive about her private life. She rarely shares about her family, but only diligently appears in television and film productions to leave a strong impression on the audience.

It is known that Son Ye Jin grew up in a family in Daegu of 4 people. Besides her parents, Son Ye Jin also has an older sister. Although they rarely share about their loved ones, some childhood and adult pictures of the two sisters have been posted on social networks. These images make the public surprised when both are very beautiful, but the beauty is not the same. If Son Ye Jin looks elegant and gentle, her sister looks mature and mature. However, if you compare the beauty of who is better than anyone, the younger sister Son Ye Jin is slightly better.

Son Ye Jin and her older sister.

Son Ye Jin’s family.

Rare image of Son Ye Jin’s older sister was revealed. Besides, her daily life is also a mystery. It is reported that Ye Jin’s sister is married to a doctor and currently lives in the US.

Currently, Son Ye Jin is living a very happy married life with her husband Hyun Bin. After more than 20 years of hard work, tireless efforts and always keeping her private life clean, the present perfect married life is really a worthy gift for the cult actress of the screen. Weld.

Son Ye Jin is also currently pregnant with her first child in the middle of pregnancy and in the future, the public will probably see her less presence.

Source: ArtTimes


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