Not Son Ye Jin, this is Hyun Bin’s unique ‘lover’

Hyun Bin’s ex-lover Kang Sora is considered to surpass Son Ye Jin in terms of beauty.

Hyun Bin is currently one of the most sought-after male gods in the Korean entertainment world. Therefore, the life and career of the pink shadow who passed the male god’s life also received the attention of a large audience. In particular, besides his beloved wife Son Ye Jin, Kang Sora is also one of the most famous beauties who ever had a romantic relationship with Hyun Bin.

Recently, some behind-the-scenes photos of actress Kang Sora’s advertisement shooting were posted online. As observed, she wears a monochrome dress with elegant black and white colors. Actress Sunny can be seen revealing her slim body in front of the camera. Despite having undergone childbirth, her body showed no signs of pregnancy.

Kang Sora’s legs look slim, her shoulders are also the point that attracts viewers’ attention. Netizens are really impressed by the beauty of former love Hyun Bin. It can be seen that she maintains a stable form over time. The actress was even praised for being more attractive and sexier than Son Ye Jin.

Kang Sora is loved by the audience through such films as Fly High, Sunny, Zoo Escape. Besides, she also had a romantic relationship with Hyun Bin. However, the two broke up because of busy schedules and no time for each other. After breaking up with Son Ye Jin’s husband, Kang Sora went with an Oriental medicine doctor and then decided to get into a flower car in 2020.

In May 2021, Kang Sora welcomed her first daughter. A year after marriage, she and her husband held a private wedding in the presence of close family, friends and colleagues. Currently, Kang Sora is focusing on filming a new movie called Can We Be A Strangers?. This is the work that marks her return to the screen after a period of hiatus.

Source: Saostar


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