Not Kim Go Eun or Son Ye Jin, this is Lee Min Ho’s best co-star

The audience acknowledges that Lee Min Ho has really found the “best” screen love in his career.

Not Kim Go Eun or Son Ye Jin, this is Lee Min Ho’s best co-star

Participating in movies for nearly 20 years, the Asian king Lee Min Ho has “pocketed” many lifetime roles in his career, and has the opportunity to cooperate with many of Korea’s top beauties. Recently, the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and senior Gong Hyo Jin was constantly praised by the new film production team. On film discussion forums, the audience agreed that Gong Hyo Jin is the co-star who creates the best chemistry with Lee Min Ho. This is shown through the behind-the-scenes photos, the “still cut” of the film, not the video proof.

After the Pachinko series, starring with Kim Min Ha and Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Min Ho and the crew began recording for part 2. One of the first scenes of part 2 Pachinko was set in Canada, the handsome Lee surnamed Lee. and the cast had an “outbound” trip to film the project. In parallel with Pachinko, Lee Min Ho also has a comedy, romantic drama that has not yet aired, Ask The Stars, co-starring with “rating queen” Gong Hyo Jin.

Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin were praised by the production team for their “surreal” chemistry.

On the morning of April 19, the production team of Ask The Stars revealed to the media that the film has completed the filming process. Currently, Lee Min Ho’s new project will enter the post-production phase, with no release date set. This is a comedy, romance, and fantasy film, revolving around the love story between a female astronaut (Gong Hyo Jin) and a gynecologist (Lee Min Ho). The two met on a “boy’s” space tour, writing a love story in space together.

The interaction between Lee Min Ho and the senior was praised for its naturalness.

Due to the specificity of the context, the film will use a number of effects to make the audience’s movie viewing experience more complete. Along with announcing the completion of the recording process, the Ask The Stars crew also gave thanks and “winged” words to the main couple.

According to them, the “chemistry” created by Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho is surreal. Because the chemistry was so good, the filming of the movie was shortened, everything also became smoother. In particular, Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin also created a special charm, making everyone around them immersed in their stories.

The information shared by the Ask The Stars crew received great attention from netizens. Accordingly, most of the public has high expectations for the collaboration between Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho. Through the stories of the crew members, it seems that this project will make a splash after its debut.

In addition, netizens also “digged” the interactions of Lee Min Ho and seniors behind the scenes and “still cut”. Many people think that they do not need to wait for the first footage, but just looking at the photos, they already look very good together. In particular, if compared to the “chemistry” that Lee Min Ho created when he fell in love with previous female co-stars like Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun or Kim Go Eun, he did much better this time.

Source: Star


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