North Koreans have mixed reactions to Son Ye-jin – Hyun Bin’s hit drama “Crash Landing On You”

The drama is watched by many North Koreans.

It is said that many people secretly watched “Crash Landing On You” in North Korea. According to Daily NK, which specializes in news of North Korea, some of the North Koreans secretly watch dramas through USB and SD cards delivered by smugglers and Chinese traders and mobile phone messengers.

It is said that the reactions of North Koreans who watched the drama were divided into critical and positive.

The critical opinions pointed out that the drama did not fit reality. They said that “the son of the General Political Bureau is a small commander in the province,” “a North Korean defector guard,” “why people in Gaesung use Yanggang’s tone,” and “the scene where a whole unit of soldiers go to South Korea comfortably” are some unbelievable parts of the drama.

However, some North Korean positively praised the drama, saying, “It was a love story between a man and a woman living in different worlds,” “There were good efforts to draw our ordinary lives as they are without speaking ill of the government,” “It was good they didn’t speak ill of us,” and “The drama shows the North Korean defecting kids and depicts realistically South Korean items secretly sold in out marketplace.”

Meanwhile, North Korea’s foreign propaganda media outlet Uriminzokkiri criticized <Crash Landing on Our People> by saying, “We are actively engaged in conspiracy propaganda that throws out false and impure anti-Republican movies and TV dramas full of fabrication.”

Source: kbizoom

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