Netizens discuss the confident life of “working mom” actresses Lee Ha Nee and Son Ye Jin

After taking short breaks for childbirth, actresses Lee Ha Nee and Son Ye Jin raise fans’ anticipation as they are returning to work.

After marrying a non-celebrity man in 2021, Lee Ha Nee gave birth to her first daughter in June last year. 7 months after her childbirth, the actress made her comeback in January this year with the promotion for the movie “Phantom” (directed by Lee Hae Young). “Phantom” was filmed even before Lee Ha Nee got married. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, its release was postponed until January this year.

In “Phantom”, Lee Ha Nee played Park Cha Kyung and depicted her relationship with Na Young (played by Lee Som) in a wide spectrum of emotions, including affection, sympathy, and solidarity.

In addition, she appeared in director Lee Won Seok’s movie “Killing Romance” released in April of this year after being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only three months after her previous work, Lee Ha Nee successfully transformed her image into the beautiful and unique character Yeo Rae. The actress stated, “Marriage and childbirth are such great opportunities for women. It can restore our life. My life changes thanks to marriage and childbirth, and I feel like entering the second phase of my life.”

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin, who married actor Hyun Bin in March last year, also welcomed her first son at the end of November of the same year. Spending five months focusing on childcare, the actress announced her comeback with a commercial shoot on April 27th, saying “I haven’t greeted you for a while. I did a shoot after a long time. I was very excited and happy on the set”.

It seems that both Lee Ha Nee and Son Ye Jin are making constant efforts to avoid career disruption.

For famous female actresses, it is relatively easier to take a break from work after giving birth and then return to work. However, regular employees and officials complain that they cannot leave their babies alone at home, especially when they are very young. If the mothers cannot hire a babysitter or rely on their family members, they may have to give up their jobs.

If society as a whole does not support the responsibility of childcare, it will be left to women as their sole responsibility. Above all, it is important for everyone to recognize that both men and women share responsibility for childcare.

Source: Daum

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