Lee Min Jung x Son Ye Jin x Han Ga In, top star actresses who refuse to stay hidden after getting married

In the past, actresses tended to step behind the scene to focus on their families after getting married. But it’s not the same anymore.

In the past, actresses often hid their private lives and chose to be mysterious after getting married, especially those who marry other top stars. But now it’s different. Instead of the title of “Top Star’s Wife,” more and more actresses are focusing on building up their careers while sharing their veiled private lives.

#Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung, who started publicly dating actor Lee Byung Hun in 2012, got married to the actor on August 10th, 2013. A couple of the century was born. Two years later, in 2015, she held their first son in her arms. Their son is already eight years old this year.

However, Lee Min Jung isn’t afraid to talk about her family. She usually communicated with fans through her SNS with a simple but charming personality. She is returning to Chungmuro for the first time in 11 years with the movie “Switch” and is captivating fans with her charming talking skill.

Lee Min Jung, who appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” on Jan 2nd, mentioned Oh Jung Se’s line, “Lee Byung Hun is cheaper than me,” and said, “Everyone talked about that scene at the preview event. Do all men want Lee Byung Hun to be cheaper than them?” she said, drawing laughter.

In an interview, she also shared, “There are many people who see me as a cutie, but that’s not true. I like to be funny, but I have to hide that side away because I’m an actress. I’m thinking about what I should do to reveal that side of mine,” she said, making reporters laugh.

#Han Ga In

Han Ga In has recently returned to viewers with her active entertainment activities. After warming up through SBS’s “Circle House” last year, she is proving her ability as an entertainment force comparable to her husband Yeon Jung Hoon by appearing in “Sing For Gold,” MBN’s “Greek Roman Mythology – Private Life of the Gods,” and JTBC’s “Handless Day.”

This is thanks to her candid way of speaking and 200% sympathy for storytellers. She met clients in person, fully sympathized with their stories and shed tears together. She captivated viewers with her easygoing charm by mentioning tteokbokki as the food she wanted to eat the most when she was pregnant.

In particular, in April last year, she was recognized for her great variety show ability when appearing as a guest on KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “1 Night 2 Days”, where her husband Yeon Jung Hoon is a fixed member. In each game, she presented unexpected fun with her brilliant performance and extraordinary competitive spirit. She even completed a mukbang that made everyone’s mouths water just by watching, making Yeon Jung Hoon happy.

#Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin, who became Hyun Bin‘s wife, is actively revealing her daily life to fans through SNS. She posted a picture of kimbap, saying she often cooks dishes she didn’t do in the past after marriage. She also boasted a huge variety of delicious home-cooked meals, from Korean kimbap with harmonious ingredients to dishes like fried anchovy, oven-fired pizza, burgers, stewed fish, and soup dishes.

She gave birth to her first son in November last year and later released a picture of her son’s feet on Instagram, receiving an enthusiastic response. At that time, Son Ye Jin confessed, “As you know, a precious life to us was born. I desperately realize that many people’s sincere affection and help are needed for a life to be born, and I want to convey my heart to those I’m grateful for.”

She then expressed her gratitude towards fans and her husband Hyun Bin, “I feel like I’m finally becoming an adult after having a child. When I met a person I loved more than myself, I felt helpless yet strong enough to do anything at the same time. Thank you for transforming into a hedgehog day by day throughout this process together.”

Source: daum