Lee Min Ho just did what Song Joong Ki – Hyun Bin dreamed of

Although he is no longer as active as before, Lee Min Ho is still considered a symbol of the Korean actor world in the eyes of the foreign public.

Lee Min Ho is always a name that receives a lot of public attention. In particular, the fact that the actor surpassed a series of popular Kbiz stars such as: Gong Goo, Hyun Bin, Song Hye Kyo, becoming the most popular Korean actor abroad in 2023 made people even more surprised and respected. dress. Because this is the 5th year in a row, the famous male star has won the “king” in the above chart since 2018. This has shown Lee Min Ho’s charisma and influence with international fans. how big.

Lee Min Ho

Accordingly, from 2018 until now, Lee Min Ho has continuously won the top 1 in the global Hallyu wave survey. Not only that, he always received an overwhelming number of votes compared to his “rivals”.

It is worth mentioning here that in recent years, Lee Min Ho no longer appears so much on the screen as before. If excluding the movie Pachinko released in 2022, his latest project, The Eternal King, also premiered in early 2020. Lee Min Ho did not appear in the period from 2017 to 2020 because he has to perform his military service. However, the male lead of Meteor Garden still maintains his heat, topping the list of Korea’s top stars in the hearts of international fans, which is not a famous actor. Any language can do it.

Lee Min Ho is a famous Korean actor, attracted by his handsome, romantic appearance and dazzling temperament. The success of the movie Meteor Garden helped him become a famous A-list star of the Korean screen. After that, the male star continued to cause a fever with a series of cult works such as: City Hunter, The Heir, The Idiot And The Hand, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Pachinko, …

In the near future, Lee Min Ho will have 2 upcoming film projects, which are Pachinko 2 and Ask The Stars, starring with Gong Hyo Jin. The audience is placing a lot of expectations on the return of the “Asian king”.

Source: Saostar

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