Kim Yoo Jung’s new appearance attracts mixed reactions from fans

Fans speculated the actress underwent major weight loss.

Wikitree recently made a report on Kim Yoo Jung’s noticable weight drop supposedly from the actress’ attempt to lose weight. In her latest uploaded photos, actress Kim wore strapless dresses and revealed her colarbone as well as her slender shoulder.

Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung

Under the post were mixed reactions from fans. While some complemented Kim Yoo Jung’s new appearance, others expressed their disapproval of her weight loss, saying, “She is pretty but too skinny,” “She was so adorable with her round cheek,” “I think she has dropped a lot of weight.” 

Kim Yoo Jung once shared in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she had to pay much attention to her food intake as she easily gained weight. To do so, she ate low-calorie bread with high fibre intake instead of rice.

Kim Yoo Jung

In order to maintain a nutritious diet, the actress usually eats chicken breast, bean spouts, fish, grain-based meals, cereals and other healthy food. Yoo Jung’s favorite food is red pumpkin salad as the fruit has high intake of vitamin and low calorie.

To keep a slender figure, Kim Yoo Jung goes for pilates to increase the flexibility and agility of her body. The sport is also taken up by famous idols and actress such as Jennie, Jisoo and Son Ye Jin. The actress also dances and does cross-fit to be in shape through heightened mobility.

Kim Yoo Jung pursued arts when she was 4 years old and quickly gained popularity as one of the top child Korean stars. Her role Huh Yeon Woo in “Moon Embracing the Sun” shot her to stardom. The actress gained praise in 2022 as Nam Bo Ra in “20th Century Girl.”

Source: kbizoom

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