It turns out that Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin have been secretly together since 2014 without the family finding out

Did Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin give fans a “trick” about when the couple met and officially dated?

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is the most popular couple in the Asian entertainment industry. In the midst of the “high” about the news of Bin Jin’s family welcoming a new member, fans are eager to share an interesting story, proving the undeniable fate of Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin. Accordingly, the couple has been arranged to be next to each other in a very special way since 2014.

With the news that Hyun Bjn – Son Ye Jin had just welcomed their first baby boy on November 27, their past movie projects were also “digged” again. In particular, the drama “Crash Landing on You” surprised when it continued to hold a high position on Netflix even though it had ended for a long time.

According to the news about Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin, a blogger shared a photo of the official poster of the Japan – Korea Film Festival held in 2014. In the photo, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s characters are shown. design side by side.

It is known that 2014 is also the time when the beauties of the Son family are remembered on the big screen with the main role in the movie Pirates, starring with Kim Nam Gil. And of course, this arrangement is just a coincidence, based on the idea of ​​the design team.

The photo above received great attention from the audience as soon as it went viral. Accordingly, many people could not hide their surprise and excitement when their OTPs have been together since 2014. Besides, the public also praised the two actors’ cinematic looks.

Son Ye Jin used to “hold” many after-image trophies thanks to her acting in the movie Pirates.

Currently, Hyun Bin is participating in filming for the movie Harbin after Transnational Agent. It is known that Hyun Bin will have the opportunity to act with his idol, gentleman Jung Woo Sung in this new movie. As for Son Ye Jin, she is still focusing on taking care of herself and her family, the audience has high expectations for the return of the beautiful Son’s screen when she is really ready.

Source: Saostar

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