Interesting Details You’d Love to Discover About Your Favorite Actress Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is a well-known South Korean actress, but her fame reached new heights when she portrayed the chaebol heiress Yoon Se Ri in the hit drama “Crash Landing On You.” The fact that she has been a huge influence in the Korean entertainment industry way longer than we know shocks a lot of foreign fans. The truth is the actress had started her career ever since she graduated from high school!

We all know that Son Ye Jin loves her job and takes her craft very seriously. She also often gets praised for making it big in the industry. If you are curious about Son Ye Jin, here are some little details you may want to know about this ultimately talented actress.

She hasn’t slowed down working in the entertainment business since her debut in 2000

She was only 18 when she first appeared in the film titled Secret Tears.


Some Details You'd Love to Discover About Your Favorite Actress Son Ye Jin

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Her first-ever film was then followed by a TV series. After finishing her first film project, Son Ye Jin Played the female lead in the 2001 series titled Delicious Proposal. One of her first endorsements, Pocari Sweat, took her to the beautiful place of Greece.

The actress once expressed in an interview, “I debuted that year.” So she thinks that many people still remember the Pocari ad and even its music. Son Ye Jin considers it as one of her happiest memories.

She has an unusual and odd nickname

The nickname given to her was “Cow,” which we all know isn’t flattering at all. However, in an interview, she once shared why that nickname was perfectly fit for her. The actress stated that “At a certain point, because I was doing film after film without resting, people started calling me ‘So’ (which means ‘cow’ in Korean) Ye Jin. It’s not a flattering nickname, I know, but I took it as it means I work hard and tirelessly. I’m happy with that nickname, and it means a lot to me.”

She takes her craft very seriously

A lot of her fans and followers loved her chemistry with her co-star Hyun Bin in “Crash Landing On You.” Some even released speculations that both have a romantic relationship. However, it was not that way but it’s just a high level of professionalism between the actors.

Some Details You'd Love to Discover About Your Favorite Actress Son Ye Jin

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She’s also human and takes breaks too, and loves having coffee during her so-called “me” time

In an interview with The Swoon, the actress expressed how she loves and enjoys her quiet “me” time with a cup of coffee and just sitting on her couch and staring blankly ahead without thinking or worrying about anything.

She’s currently an endorser for a Filipino telecom company SMART

Some Details You'd Love to Discover About Your Favorite Actress Son Ye Jin

(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube (Smart Philippines))

Son Ye Jin is the newest Smart Communications ambassadress, together with her CLOY leading man, Hyun Bin. In one interview, she shared that she’s always grateful for having the talent to entertain and to be able to give happiness to others through her craft.

Son Ye Jin gives deep thanks to all her fans in the Philippines and also Smart for the opportunity to get closer to her Filipino fans.

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