“I can eat everything”… The reason why Son Ye-jin’s cooking skills improve day by day

Famous actress Son Ye Jin recently garnered a lot of attention for her cooking skills which covers various styles of food, from Korean to Western.

In particular, the actress previously showed off her home-made dishes by publishing photos of food on her Instagram, from kimbap, soups, to oven-fired pizzas, all with the caption: “These days, I cook a lot of dishes that I haven’t cooked before.I’m very proud when my first dish looks good.”

Son Ye Jin’s excellent culinary skills soon became a hot topic in Korea, with many netizens saying they are envious of her husband Hyun Bin. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin also drew attention for his not at all picky appetite, which many suspected was what motivated Son Ye Jin to try out more dishes.



In particular, the actor once shared in a past interview that he eats everything well when asked what kind of foods he likes. At the same time, he also shared about his easy-going appetite even in the military.

Netizens left a lot of enthusiastic comments on Son Ye Jin’s photo, saying: “Son Ye Jin must be full just by watching Hyun Bin eat” and “Son Ye Jin makes everything delicious.”

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin became life-long partners back in March, holding  a grand wedding ceremony. They recently announced that Son Ye Jin is pregnant, drawing excitement.

Source: kbizoom

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