Hyun Bin’s ‘flawless’ appearance at the age of 41 when secretly filmed by plain cam

Hyun Bin constantly smiled brightly, greeting fans when present at a cult event.

Hyun Bin was born in 1982, at the time when he first joined the entertainment industry, his handsome appearance received many compliments from the audience.

Recently, through the management company’s Instagram account, it was easy to see that Hyun Bin was present at an event. Besides, the actor’s appearance at the age of 41 has “cut the hearts” of many viewers.

Latest pictures of Hyun Bin

In the frame, it is easy to see that Hyun Bin is dressed quite elegantly and young when appearing in a crowded place. Besides, the actor also smoothed his hair back, but what the audience noticed was his bright appearance and vibrant skin. Despite being secretly filmed, Hyun Bin’s beauty was not “dubbed” by ordinary cams.

A lot of fans were waiting outside the event venue to meet Hyun Bin

In front of the audience’s overwhelming love, Hyun Bin couldn’t hide his happiness and constantly waved and talked to everyone present at the area outside the event.

After marrying Son Ye Jin and welcoming her first son, Hyun Bin is working harder than ever. He often goes to film and participates in many promotional activities for new projects. This action from the actor accidentally received mixed opinions from the audience, because some people thought that he was “workaholic” and did not spend time with his wife and son. However, most fans claim that Hyun Bin will know how to regulate work while taking care of a small home with his wife.

Through behind-the-scenes photos posted by the management company, Hyun Bin makes the audience even more touched by his handsome and manly appearance.

Source: Star

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