Hyun Bin’s ex-lover is famous for her beauty, but she can’t surpass this U50 beauty

Nổi tiếng vì là người tình nóng bỏng của Hyun Bin nhưng mỹ nhân Kang Sora vẫn chịu thua trước sự trẻ trung của người này.

Recently, Kang Sora has been busy with promotions for the new movie “Can We Be Strangers?”. Hyun Bin’s ex-lover constantly appears in a beautiful appearance with a slim, perfect body. She also shared that her secret to losing 20kg of weight is fasting and working out hard. This actress insists that there is no such thing as eating 3 meals a day but having a slim body.

Although Kang Sora caught the attention of her impressive physique when she reappeared. However, she still has to be inferior to a U50 character. The character above is Jang Nara, the age hack of Korean showbiz.

Some selfie pictures of Jang Nara with her dog show that she has a youthful face like an 18 year old girl. Looking at her, no one would think that she has turned 41 and is someone’s wife.

Kang Sora started acting in 2009. She had a romantic relationship with Hyun Bin before getting into a car with a Oriental medicine doctor in August 2020. In April 2021, Kang Sora gave birth to her first princess. Thanks to active exercise and diet, she quickly regained her body like when she was young.

As for Jang Nara, she has had many years of hard work in art. It was not until last year that she officially ended her single life. Jang Nara married her younger boyfriend outside the industry and is currently enjoying her newlywed life. In the past few months, she has focused on a new movie project, but still does not forget to update her personal page with lovely photos to interact with fans.

Source: saostar

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