Hyun Bin, “‘The Point Men’ motorbike and car action scenes were actually harder than that in ‘Confidential Assignment’”

Actor Hyun Bin talked about the action scenes in “The Point Men” and his experience of working with Hwang Jung Min.

Actors Hwang Jung Min, Hyun Bin, Kang Ki Young and director Im Soon Rye attended the press preview for the movie “The Point Men” held at Megabox COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of January 13th.

“The Point Men” depicts a negotiation operation carried out by a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent and diplomat who heads to Afghanistan to save South Korean hostages that have been kidnapped by the Taliban.

At the event, Hyun Bin shared, “In the movie ‘Confidential Assignment 1’, I did the car action scene on my own, but in ‘The Point Men’, I was pushed and dragged by the opponent”, adding “I remember that we filmed it when the weather was hot. Watching the movie again today reminded me of that time. To be honest, the scene where I had to cling onto the vehicle in ‘The Point Men’ was harder”.

Regarding the motorbike scene, Hyun Bin, who has done many action scenes, said, “When I went to the set, there were several motorbikes, so I did some practices before the actual shoot. I chose the one that was easier for me to ride and film the scene”, revealing a behind-the-scenes story.

He added, “There were dangerous situations like when the wheels slipped due to the sand. Luckily, we finished the shoot well without any problems”.

Hyun Bin also mentioned his collaboration with Hwang Jung Min. He said, “I learned and felt many things after acting alongside senior actor Hwang Jung Min for this work. As an actor, I learned from him on the filming set. I’ve been acting in my own way for a long time, but I think I realized lots of things after meeting Hwang Jung Min.”

He explained, “I said this to Hwang Jung Min before. I hope we can work together again. I also told the senior that I wanted to show him the energy and vision that I learned from him on the set”.

Hyun Bin added, “We relied on each other although we didn’t talk much on the set. I was careful because we’re close to each other, but he allowed me to talk comfortably and express my ideas without hesitation when acting.”

The movie “The Point Men” will premiere on January 18th.

Source: kbizoom

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