Hyun Bin returns with a simple yet dashing image

Hyun Bin revives his dapper image, following an amount of criticism towards his unpolished, bearded look.

Recently, Hyun Bin’s fans gave an update on the actor’s latest activity for a brand to which he is an ambassador. For this appearance, Hyun Bin captured attention with a polished and charming image.

In simple straight pants and a white shirt, the actor appeared as a dashing gentleman that fans once fell in love. Previously, the public was concerned with the actor’s unpolished, bearded image as if the actor had gone through a difficult time. Nonetheless, fans stood by the actor and said that it was for a role he was taking at the time. In reality, Hyun Bin is an actor with strict self-management. It’s only a matter of time until he can revive the best shape of himself.

Currently, Hyun Bin is focusing on movie projects. His most recent work, “The Point Men,” debuted in Korea in January 17th and hit the theaters in the United States and Canada on January 27th. His upcoming work, “Harbin”, has yet to release additional information.

Hyun Bin returned with a dashing look

Source: K14


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