Hyun Bin, “My son’s appearance? It’s mixed between Son Ye Jin’s face and mine… I’m also curious about his final face”

Actor Hyun Bin talked about his son’s appearance.

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment company Plus”, which aired on January 5th, had an interview with actors Hwang Jung Min, Hyun Bin and Kang Ki Young, who appeared together in the movie “The Point Men”.

During the broadcast, the reporter mentioned the recent good news that Hyun Bin received. In response, Hyun Bin smiled brightly and said, “I think you’re talking about the good thing that happened to me personally. I have a child”.

When asked, “Who does the child take after more? Mom or dad?”, Hyun Bin shared, “We don’t know yet. I think it’s mixed”, adding “I heard people say that baby’s face changes a lot”. He continued, “I’m also curious about how the child’s appearance turns out to be like in the future”.

Source: kbizoom

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