Hyun Bin is criticized by the online community, the cause is related to Son Ye Jin

The national couple – Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin continue to be called by the media.

After the Transnational Agent, Hyun Bin has just returned to the big screen with the movie “The Point Men”. The film quickly gained a “terrible” achievement after its release, continuously ranking in the top 1 ticket sales in Korea. After an interview at the event promoting the new movie, Hyun Bin suddenly received a “storm” of criticism, the cause was related to his wife Son Ye Jin.

Not long ago, the audience couldn’t help but admire Hyun Bin’s interview while promoting The Point Men. This is also one of the actor’s last interviews for this project to conduct filming for another movie.

There, Hyun Bin mentioned feeding pets in most of the reporters’ questions. Initially, this caused the actor to receive a “winged” compliment for his courage, always taking time to share housework with his loved ones.

Hyun Bin mentioned pets in a recent interview.

In the midst of being praised as an exemplary husband and father, Hyun Bin was suddenly criticized for not mentioning Son Ye Jin and son in any of the answers. This made some viewers feel disappointed and criticized Hyun Bin for being heartless.

Besides, others expressed sympathy and thought that this was normal. Besides, Hyun Bin is not the type of person who likes to reveal much about his private life. Therefore, the audience predicts that he will not share too much information outside the scope of work.

Currently, Hyun Bin’s interview is still receiving great discussion from the audience. After The Point Men, he will continue to participate in filming for the large-scale production movie – Harbin with Jeon Yeo Bin. The film is set in many countries around the world, the main filming location is located in the city of Harbin, which has the harshest winter in China.

Source: Saostar