Hyun Bin has fallen into disrepair after marriage, the two ‘ex-lovers’ have become more beautiful again

In contrast to Hyun Bin, both Park Shin Hye and Kang Sora were commented on being more beautiful after getting married and becoming a mother.

Recently, some behind-the-scenes photos of Park Shin Hye have been posted on social networks. It can be seen that her skin is extremely smooth. She also quickly regained her figure after giving birth. At the side angle, the actress The Heirs showed off the delicate beauty on her face.

Meanwhile, Kang Sora also attracted attention when sharing a new series of photos on Instagram. She wore a sexy black dress, tied her hair up to reveal a youthful and attractive appearance. Looking at Kang Sora, no one thought that she had turned U40 and had a birth.

In fact, Park Shin Hye is Hyun Bin’s “screen lover”. The two used to work together in the movie Memoirs of Alhambra in 2019. Kang Sora is the actor’s one-time girlfriend. They have a romantic date. However, due to busy schedules, the two stars decided to part ways.

Currently, Park Shin Hye has a happy married life with her younger husband Choi Tae Joon. She gave birth to her lovely husband in May last year. Meanwhile, after “everyone went their separate ways” with Hyun Bin, Kang Sora married a doctor of Oriental medicine. She and her husband welcomed their first daughter born in April 2021.

As for Hyun Bin, he got into a flower car with Son Ye Jin and picked up his first son. In contrast to the two former lovers, Hyun Bin’s recent pictures show that he is clearly degrading, no longer as handsome as before.

Source: Saostar