Hyun Bin continues to sit ‘away’ from Yoona while promoting the movie

After getting married and receiving news that he was about to have his first child, Hyun Bin officially returned to the big screen with a movie project. Unwilling Partner 2. In this movie, the male downloader will collaborate with actors such as Yoona, Daniel Henney, Yoo Hae Jin, Jin Seon Kyu… Recently, the cast appeared together in an MBC program to promote. give Unwilling Partner 2.

Accordingly, the 4 actors of Unwilling Partner 2 Hyun Bin, Yoona, Yoo Hae Jin and Jin Seon Kyu appeared on the show Go Video Travel to promote the film. Just like the previous press conference, Hyun Bin and Yoona made people fall in love with their extreme beauty. Meanwhile, Yoo Hae Jin and Jin Seon Kyu made an impression with humor.

However, people quickly noticed the long sitting distance of the male and female leads when participating in this program. Whether in Unwilling Partner 2Yoona and Hyun Bin play a couple, but when promoting the movie, the two seem very distant.

Many people believe that this is to avoid unnecessary rumors that affect the reputation of the actors. After all, Hyun Bin is newly married, so interacting too closely with another female co-star will cause controversy. Besides, there are also opinions that the seating arrangement is to avoid revealing the male and female lead’s chemistry Unwilling Partner 2.

Although the sitting distance is far, the audience thinks that it does not affect the couple’s clarity. Hyun Bin is still handsome with a happy smile, and Yoona is gentle with flawless beauty. The audience is extremely looking forward to enjoying the collaboration of these two stars.

Unwilling Partner 2 will premiere in Korea on September 5.

Source: Saostar


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