Hyun Bin caused a fever when he publicized his love for Son Ye Jin while promoting the movie in his wife’s hometown

After a long time participating in the promotion of The Unlucky Partner 2, Hyun Bin and the film crew also landed in Daegu – his wife’s hometown, and received great attention from the people here.

The movie “The Contributor” part 2 has surpassed the break-even point – 3 million tickets and gradually strives to become the next project in 2022 to join the 10 million ticket association of the Korean cinema. Recently, Hyun Bin and the crew of “Unwilling Associates 2” went to Daegu, Korea to promote the film and interact with local audiences.

Here, Hyun Bin made the public melt when he publicly confirmed that he is the Daegu groom in front of all the people in this area. In particular, he also brought home a banner saying: “Kim Tae Pyung belongs to Yejihand”, the audience guessed that he wanted to surprise his wife.

Participating in a film promotion tour in Daegu, Hyun Bin became the focus of international media attention. The actor is considered to have changed a lot in appearance and personality compared to his previous appearances.

Hyun Bin chose to wear a simple white t-shirt instead of a neat suit like in previous movie promotions. On forums, the audience said that he wanted to create as close as possible to facilitate communication with the people of his wife’s hometown.

Also at the exchange, Hyun Bin shared about his role and current feelings: “Thank you for the attention that the audience in Daegu has given me and the project Unwilling Partner 2. Your concern is a great motivation for us to complete the work, I am very grateful for that.”

Without finishing the words, the audience at the theater simultaneously chanted: “Daegu’s son-in-law”. The actor was both surprised and happy as he replied, “Yes, that’s right, it’s me.” The actor’s reaction immediately made the audience explode, and the co-stars standing next to him could not hide their surprise but responded according to Hyun Bin.

The clip recording the moment Hyun Bin identified himself as the Daegu groom received the attention of a large audience as soon as it went viral. Accordingly, the public thinks that Hyun Bin now considers Daegu as his second hometown.

And with just this small moment, the public also knows how great Hyun Bin’s love for Son Ye Jin is. It is known that this is the rare time Hyun Bin has publicly expressed his love for his wife in front of the media.

Hyun Bin took home a banner that reads: “Lim Chul Ryung is a member of the Party. Kim Tae Pyung belongs to Son Ye Jin. Hyun Bin belongs to the Republic of Korea” home.

After the project “Unlucky Partner 2”, Hyun Bin will join the Harbin film crew at the end of this year. This is a large-scale action-spy-themed movie, set in many countries around the world. In particular, the main setting of the film is set in the city of Harbin – where has the harshest winter in China.

Source: Saostar

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