Hyun Bin and a series of Korean stars are praised for having a clean private life

Hyun Bin and a series of Korean stars have the most pure private life in the KBiz entertainment industry.

A good image is something that Korean celebrities are very careful about. However, more and more celebrities are now entangled in various problems such as dating scandals, drug use, school bullying… Very few people keep their private life clean and free from scandals.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is currently one of the favorite actors in many Korean dramas. Park Bo Gum became famous after taking on the lead role in the hit drama “Reply 1988” with Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Hyeri, and Ryu Jun Yeol. Since then, he has continued to attract attention with interesting series such as Moon Lover, Encounter with Song Hye Kyo and Youth Chronicles.

From the hit Korean dramas, Park Bo Gum is also chosen as an ambassador by many favorite brands and he is also called the “national boyfriend” by the audience. That’s because the 29-year-old actor maintains a positive image and gradually increases his influence throughout his years of artistic activities.

The only recent news he has to face is leaving his longtime agency Blossom Entertainment and officially signing with The Black Label, which is also Taeyang (Big Bang’s) new agency.

Hyun Bin

Another top Korean actor who has said no to scandals throughout his career is Hyun Bin. He quickly became famous after his debut thanks to his good looks and natural acting. Currently, Hyun Bin has become an A-list actor of Korean showbiz. He is also known for his beautiful personal life, free from any controversy. In terms of acting, Hyun Bin is often willing to change his image and challenge himself in new roles. In both film and television, he has achieved many admirable successes.

In addition, Hyun Bin often makes generous charitable donations. The actor is currently living a happy married life with his actress wife Son Ye Jin. Although busy with work, Hyun Bin still takes care of his wife and small children. He is loved by many people and nicknamed “the nation’s husband”. From appearance to personality, Hyun Bin is definitely the perfect star in both career and private life.

Kang Ha Neul

From a supporting actor, Kang Ha Neul has attracted attention thanks to his remarkable acting skills. His talent can be seen in When the Camellia Blooms and his most recent Kdrama Curtain Call.

During his appearance on the talk show “Radio Star”, the actor was praised for his kind gestures. He recalled giving a wedding gift to a reporter he had just met for an interview. In addition, he also shared about the time he spent helping an old woman before debuting as an actor. With a clean private life and constantly scoring points through a series of positive actions with the community, Kang Ha Neul has received a lot of praise from the public and the media.

Gong Yoo

Despite his global popularity over the years, Gong Yoo maintains a clean image and stays away from controversies related to his private life. Instead, he delivers top-notch dramas and movies like Seobok starring Park Bo Gum or Goblin, The Silent Sea.

In addition, he is also often praised by the media when performing charity activities, donating cash to the less fortunate and victims of natural disasters.

Source: Saostar