‘Ex-love’ Hyun Bin achieved a remarkable achievement, Song Hye Kyo – Son Ye Jin also gave up

“Ex-love” Hyun Bin is making a strong comeback when continuously achieving admirable achievements.

Thang Duy is a Chinese actress who is active in Korea. She has a beauty that is both arrogant, seductive, gentle and elegant.

In 2022, the actress had a re-appearance on the big screen with “Determination to Farewell”. Her role left a lot of impressions on the audience, and at the same time, Thang Duy was also praised for her radio and acting ability.

The Resolution of Farewell is not only well received by the public but also highly appreciated by experts. The proof is that the film appeared in 13/15 nomination categories of the Korean Blue Dragon Film Awards.

With this achievement, Determination to Say Goodbye has become the work that received the most nominations at the Blue Dragon 2022. At the same time, Thang Duy also “surpassed” many famous actors of the land of ginseng such as Son Ye Jin, Song. Hye Kyo… to become the actress whose film received the most nominations for Blue Dragon.

Despite being a foreign actor, Thang Duy still received many compliments from the people of the country of ginseng. At the same time, her foreign language is also impressive because of her beautiful and smooth way of speaking like a native speaker.

After going to Korea, Thang Duy had the opportunity to collaborate with Hyun Bin in Late Autumn. With this work, the main couple had a kiss that is considered iconic because of its love and beauty.

At that time, Thang Duy and Hyun Bin had a very good interaction when co-starring in “Late Autumn”. Therefore, some people have questioned the actress as the cause of the broken relationship between Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo.

But at the present time, both Thang Duy and Hyun Bin have their own lives and jobs. At the same time, the two are also married and have a happy home, especially actor Hyun Bin is about to become a father in December this year.

Source: Saostar


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