Ex-girlfriend Hyun Bin is shocking with a different look, this is far behind Son Ye Jin

Hyun Bin’s ex-lover disappointed the audience by appearing with a stiff, unnatural face.

Recently, some new photos of actress Ha Ji Won have been posted online. According to the series of photos, she wears an elegant outfit, holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in her arms. The beauty born in 1978 tied her hair neatly behind and made an impression with gentle makeup.

However, this series of photos quickly disappointed the audience. In some shooting angles, Ha Ji Won revealed a stiff face. Her skin is shiny but does not hide wrinkles. Many people suspect that Ji Won has touched the cutlery, so the new face becomes so unnatural. Others said that due to the lack of light in the photo, Ha Ji Won’s appearance was affected, not by plastic surgery.

When comparing the current picture with the time when she co-starred with Hyun Bin in the Secret Garden in 2011, it can be seen that this beauty no longer retains the same beauty as before. However, her smile and charisma are still considered good. Even many netizens put Ha Ji Won and Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin’s wife on the scale for comparison. Although she is pregnant, it can be seen that the actress “Crash Landing on You” still completely overwhelmed Ji Won in terms of beauty.

Possessing beautiful beauty and stable acting ability, Ha Ji Won quickly became one of Korea’s top actresses. She impressed the audience through many famous works such as Empress Ki, Secret Garden, Ship Y Duc. Her most recent project, the movie Xia Man, also quickly gained public attention. This work marks the return of Ha Ji Won after a period of absence.

Source: Saostar


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