Despite the resounding success of The Glory, Son Ye Jin still “surpassed” Song Hye Kyo

Son Ye Jin with a stable performance is still the star that receives a higher rating than Song Hye Kyo.

Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin are two “beauty walls” of the Korean entertainment industry and many times have been put on the scale to compare both beauty and career. Most recently, these two stars continued to have a rivalry and Son Ye Jin was the winner even though Song Hye Kyo was having success with the movie The Glory.

Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo are often put on the scale. Photo: Internet

Accordingly, Korean screen fans opened the vote for the 2023 Netizen Awards and the leader was Son Ye Jin. This poll also received the attention of the Korean media when it devoted a series of articles to talk about the heat of the award.


Son Ye Jin received much love from the public. Photo: Internet

Accordingly, the Korean media said that Son Ye Jin ranked first, proving the popularity of Son Ye Jin one level higher than Song Hye Kyo. It is estimated that every day there are more than 100,000 votes for artists in this category.

Mặc The Glory thành công vang dội, Son Ye Jin vẫn 'vượt mặt' Song Hye Kyo 5

In 2022, Son Ye Jin has a comeback with the movie Thirty Nine, but the film does not make a strong impression as expected by the audience. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo has an impressive speed with the movie The Glory. However, in general, Son Ye Jin has a more stable acting performance than his ex-wife Song Joong Ki.

Song Hye Kyo is currently receiving constant praise with the movie The Glory. She also constantly appeared in front of the media, attended events, clearly showed her mood when she paid full attention to her career. The success in the TV series The Glory promises to bring the actress a prestigious award this year.

Source: tinmoi