Deserving the title of “national treasure of beauty”, the face of the goddess Son Ye Jin is rated as 6 perfect standards

Worthy of the top beauty goddess of Korean showbiz, Son Ye Jin is not only loved by audiences everywhere for her sweet and feminine beauty, but even plastic surgeons must recognize her beauty as perfect standard.

Dubbed the “national treasure of beauty” of Korea, Son Ye Jin possesses a pure natural beauty that is hard for anyone to usurp. At the age of U40, she still makes the public admire her holy and youthful beauty. At the same time, “beautiful sister” is always the ideal aesthetic model of Kim Chi women. She is said to possess a rare natural beauty that meets the 6 beauty standards of the cosmetology industry.

The oval face is full but still elegant

For a long time, the oval face has been considered a beautiful standard face that any girl desires. Son Ye Jin also has such a face. The lines on the face are soft, elegant, not too angular, making the opposite person feel comfortable when looking at them. Many male actors who have filmed with Son Ye Jin have commented that she possesses a perfect beauty, especially her face, making men always want to protect and protect her.

Sharp jawline but still soft

At the inclined angles, Son Ye Jin’s jawline is both sharp and a bit angular but still soft and gentle. This is a dream jaw shape of many girls, people often have to resort to cutlery to reshape the face and get the perfect jawline like this beauty.

The double eyelids are gentle and slightly sad

On a face, the eyes are considered “windows to the soul”. Looking at Son Ye Jin’s eyes, you can see how beautiful and confiding she has. The eyes of the “beautiful sister” have 2 moderate eyelids, the eyes are a bit sad because the eye part is slightly downward, but when she smiles, her eyes also smile.

Gentle eyebrows, not too sharp but standard

Son Ye Jin has a neat, well-fitting eyebrow that is neither too sparse nor too bushy. The horizontal eyebrow is slightly curved at the tail. “Beautiful sister” always keeps her eyebrows natural, gentle, but never too sharp. It is these eyebrows that enhance her gentle, pure beauty like dew.

Natural high nose bridge without showing roughness, small nose tip

Asian women often have a flat nose or most have a slightly large nose tip. And Son Ye Jin is fortunate to have a high, slim, harmonious nose with a gentle oval face. The tip of her nose is just right and soft in an absolute natural way without any extra intervention.

A gentle smile, just enough, without revealing gums, without showing too much teeth

Many girls have amazingly beautiful faces until they smile. It seems that gummy jokes or problems with the jaw, teeth and gums greatly affect the beauty and confidence of girls. As for Son Ye Jin, even with a big smile, she still keeps her mouth just right, gentle, and fresh enough. Her smile always shines with a ray of happiness that makes everyone who looks at it feel happy too.

Although she has pursued an artistic path for many years, the beauty of “beautiful sister” Son Ye Jin has not shown any signs of aging due to age, but still has the innocence and gentleness standard “first love”. nation”, is admirable.

Source: Bestie

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