As beautiful as Son Ye Jin, but ‘Hyun Bin’s first love’ is surprising because of the strange change in appearance

Actress Lee Yeon Hee – Hyun Bin’s ‘first love’ – disappointed the audience with her strange appearance.

Recently, actress Lee Yeon Hee updated her personal page with some photos. In the photo, she wears simple clothes, her hair is wet after practicing yoga, further exalting the mature charm of the actress. Many netizens were surprised by Yeon Hee’s current appearance. She lost points because of the large eye bags, a somewhat pale face and an unattractive gummy smile.

Many netizens believe that compared to the time when Hyun Bin was paired with Hyun Bin in the movie The Millionaire’s First Love (2006), Lee Yeon Hee’s current beauty is no longer the same as before. Others commented that Yeon Hee still retains her natural beauty without such makeup as being too good. At the age of 35, she is still young and sweet even though she is not as youthful as before.

Born in 1988, Lee Yeon Hee officially debuted in 2002. When joining SM, Yeon Hee was trained in acting, dancing and vocals. However, she thrived in acting. The famous works that Lee Yeon Hee participated in must be mentioned such as “East of Eden”, “Miss Korea”, “Nine books”. In addition, she is also known as the “MV Goddess” because of her appearance in many music videos of SM’s artists.

2020 is the year marking a turning point in Lee Yeon Hee’s life when she decided to leave SM and get into a flower car. Up to now, Yeon Hee has been a wife for more than 2 years. Although busy with a small family, she is still active in art despite being married.

Source: Saostar

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